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Cooking Club

Welcome to Healthy Grub Cooking Club

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Grub After school program

The classes will run from 3:15pm-4:30pm

Healthy Grub provides fun, interactive food experiences for kids aged 5-12 years.We help children experiment with food whilst learning the basic building blocks of nutrition. Our lessons are designed to educate children about food in a fun, engaging and safe environment. Cooking together brings us closer together! If your child struggles with trying new food, our classes can help encourage and educate them. Being in a group environment with everyone trying new things can make a big impact on their choice of foods, when everyone is eating healthy.

What’s included in a Healthy Grub session?

  • A great bonding experience for all children
  •  Basic nutrition for how to grow big and strong
  •  Good food habits
  •  Safe food preparation and hygiene
  •  Exploring where food comes from and how it grows
  •  Provides parents with exciting ideas for their kid’s lunch boxes
  •  Healthy Grub Cook Book

Create, Play & Educate
All things Food..!

Check out www.healthygrub.com.au for more
information, or contact Michelle on

0406072536 healthygrubz@gmail.com

Welcome to Healthy Grub Afterschool Cooking Club

Please fill in the below form

    I hereby give permission for my child______ from class__ on__afternoon to participate in the Healthy Grub Program at____________State School. If at Holland Park State School children will meet at R Block Kitchenette, and a Healthy Grub Team member will walk them down to class. During these classes’ photos will be taken of your child having fun creating their delicious food. In signing this form also gives Healthy Grub permission to use these photos on their website and Social media for the sole purpose of advertising classes only.

    Any children attending in Prep years can be picked up from their classroom by a Healthy Grub Team member.

    I look forward to creating with your little master chef.

    Thank you

    Parents signature